These resources focus on the concepts of the material life cycle and sustainability. The activities encourage creative thinking around how materials may be recycled, such as to build a home or building, as well as where raw materials have come from and how they may be returned to the Earth, or what they may become after use.

Both resources provide teacher guidance for the activities as well as a classroom presentation and activity sheet.



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Three little pigs and the recycled houses

Using the context of the well known story of the Three Little Pigs, pupils are introduced to the concept of the materials life cycle. A presentation aids learning about different building materials and how waste is created but can also be reduced. In the activity, pupils are invited to design recycled house ideas...

Material life cycle

This resource introduces sustainability and how life on Earth depends upon our environment for resources such as food, water, and raw materials. Pupils learn about the materials life cycle, where raw materials come from, how to reduce waste and how raw materials may be used and recycled. The activities encourage...

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