Geological Society - resources for primary

A collection of resources from the Geological Society aimed at primary-aged pupils including activities to explore dinosaurs, rocks, volacnoes and earthquakes.



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Rocks in space

In this resource, pupils will create a solar system mobile and learn about the inner and outer planets in our solar system. They will learn that the outer planets are less dense than the inner planets and the planet with the highest density is Earth. Then will then carry out their own density experiment using...

The rock cycle

In this resource pupils will examine and compare different kinds of rocks and learn that all rocks are made from a mixture of minerals. They will discover that igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are the three main types of rock which are formed in different ways and their different properties mean they can...


In this resource pupils will learn about geological time, different geological periods and how old the earth is. They will also learn about dinosaurs, their various characteristics, and how they are both similar to, and different from, reptiles we see today. They will discover there are three main different types...

Energy resources

This resource from the Geological Society explores how energy resources such as oil, gas, coal, wood, wind, sunlight and geothermal energy are all natural resources that can be used to produce heat and electricity.

Pupils learn that energy sources can be either renewable or non-renewable. Non-renewable...