Resources to support primary schools taking part in the NSPCC's Number Day 



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Calculation Games for Students Aged 5-7

These games, published by BEAM for teachers of primary mathematics, can be used to practise and consolidate students' early mathematical understanding. The games, with their mathematical content, are:

  • Three in a line - addition up to 12
  • Add or subtract - addition and subtraction to 12
  • ...

Fraction Games for Students Aged 5-7

This game for two players, published by BEAM, requires students to halve even numbers by playing a game. Students spin a spinner, half the number and then collect the correct number of counters. The winner is the student with the most counters after five rounds. The game offers an opportunity to discuss the...

Shape Activities for Students Aged 5-7

A selection of resources, published by BEAM, for teachers of primary mathematics. They include challenging problems and puzzles, open-ended investigations, cross-curricular activities and games to develop and consolidate students' understanding of shape and space. *Cat toys - recognising and matching spatial...

Multi-Race Game

This game, aimed at primary level, allows children to practice multiplication problems. Children move along a track landing on different numbers, mainly from the 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables. To move they must say the pair of numbers (factors) which will multiply together to give a nearby product on the board. The...