World Heart Day - 29th September

These resources can be used to help support World Heart Day, a global campaign to encourage people to take charge of their heart health. This collection present games and practical activities for all ages to help children understand how their heart works and what they can do to look after it. The World Heart Day website has more information.



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Heart Beaters (Ages 9-11)

Aimed at Key Stage Two, this resource looks at the function of the heart, how exercise affects heart rate, and the rate of recovery after exercise. Linked to PE and the topic animals including humans, it also aims to develop ...

Heart Rate Monitor

In this challenge, students are asked to consider the impact of people suffering from heart conditions, both to the individual and to wider society. They then generate ideas for using programmable systems to improve people’s health, and to monitor themselves. A video introduces the idea of a heart rate monitor, and...

What affects your heart rate?

This resource provides a set of videos and a practical investigation aimed at supporting working scientifically in the classroom and relating it to real world experiences. In the first video Professor Brian Cox joins a teacher to find out how to set up and run an investigation to find out how exercise affects heart...