In this video collection, professionals from a variety of careers discuss what they love about their jobs, how they got involved, and what other opportunities are out there.



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Becoming an ecologist

Amy is an ecologist working with the Forestry Commission. Amy is very frank in the video about her school history, describing her school reports as "less than shiny", and the video conveys how applied scientific research focuses her naturally curious nature.

In the video Amy describes how she writes computer...

Temperate horticultural curator

Robert is a temperate horticultural curator at the Eden Project.  Curriculum links could include biodiversity, human impact on the environmental science, photosynthesis, limiting factors, plants, ecosystems, biomes, nutrient cycling, habitats, interdependence....

Environment officer

Manna is an environmental officer for the Environment Agency, she discusses her role in this video.   The team she works in inspects businesses to ensure they are managing their waste...

Pollution, prevention and control officer

Charlotte is a Pollution, Prevention and Control Officer for the Environment Agency - "you could say I'm a policeman for the environment". In the video Charlotte explains that she found it a challenge being a woman in chemical engineering but had support from her university professor. The Environment Agency offered...