Outdoor classroom day is part of a campaign to ensure that children spend some time outdoors every day. So that schools can participate on a day that fits with their term dates, the UK and Ireland campaign celebrates Outdoor classroom cay twice each year, in May and November.

The resources compiled in this collection include activities to go outside to look at the natural world or how to use the outdoor environment to teach other topics such as mathematics and computing. 



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Air Survey - What Can Lichens Tell Us about Air Quality?

This resource consists of two field work activities. The first records lichens on trees as an indicator of air quality and the second looks for tar spot fungus on sycamore leaves. This links to curriculum work on plants, habitats, air quality and improving the environment. This resource includes a workbook, field...

Water Survey - What Creatures Are Lurking in Your Pond?

This resource investigates the pollution of a local pond or lake by looking at the species which are able to live in it. Some species struggle to survive in polluted waters, while others are more tolerant. The resource may be used when teaching about animals in the local environment, habitats, water and improving...

DIY Dendrometer

There are two parts to the DIY Dendrometer resources: 

Part A focusses on how trees grow and their role within both the carbon cycle and the water cycle. Learners are encouraged to take part in a citizen science project which involves creating and installing a DIY...

Motivating Maths at GCSE: Outdoor Trigonometry

In this video resource from Teachers TV Andy Grice, teacher of mathematics at Brune Park Community College in Gosport, delivers a practical lesson on trigonometry to a class of GCSE students. Working in groups, they first estimate the height of four buildings on the school site. They then measure actual distances...