International Girls in ICT Day - 25th April 2024

International Girls in ICT day was created by the United Nation's specialised agency for information and communication technologies, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), to encourage girls and young women to pursue STEM education and careers.  The theme of this year's event is 'Digital Skills for Life' because for girls and women to thrive in STEM they need to acquire skills to become both ICT users and creators in the digital world. 

This collection of resources contains activities looking at how the internet works and how to use it safely.  Those resources for primary aged pupils are at the top of the list whilst those for pupils aged 11 and above, which include activities looking at digital careers, are found further down.



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Lesson 6 - Searching the internet

This activity develops digital literacy using the context of exploring Mars. Children learn about what a search engine does and consider what happens when they use one. They also begin to find out that some internet sources are more reliable than others and think about which might be trustworthy.


Modelling the Internet Activity

Suitable for upper-primary teachers of computing, this Barefoot Computing activity focuses on the technical aspects of the internet explaining how it differs from the World Wide Web (WWW). Children gain an understanding of the hardware that makes up computer networks and how IP addresses allow communication between...

Safety Snakes Activity

This online safety activity gives pupils the opportunity to practice their coding skills and refresh their knowledge of online safety whilst enjoying a game of snakes and ladders. The activity challenges pupils to create the correct algorithm and program to ensure their Bee-Bot moves around the mat to the...

Session 2 - Smartie The Penguin

In this session you and your child will be looking at an online safety story created by Childnet International for 3 to 7 year olds. You will join in with Mummy Penguin’s song and follow the adventures of Smartie the Penguin as he learns how to be safe on the internet. You will find a range of resources and...