International Day of Human Space Flight - Primary

The United Nations has designated 12th April as International Day of Human Space flight to celebrate the beginning of the space era for humankind. It was on this date in 1961 that Yuri Gagarin completed the first successful human space flight so beginning the exploration of space by people.

These resources for pupils aged 5 to 11 cover a range of topics from looking at:

  • life and the experiments on the International Space Station, 
  • how plants and crops could be grown in space
  • the manned flights to the Moon and how humans could survive on the Moon.



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Libby Jackson - Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Programme Manager

Libby works at the UK Space Agency, in Swindon.  She works with scientists and industry to ensure that they can run experiments on the International Space Station.  Libby works alongside astronauts who will be running the experiments on the space station.  She leads a team to ensure that research can be performed...

International Space Station (ISS) Education Kit - Primary

The ISS Education Kit, from ESA, is a resource for teachers with ideas on how to use the International Space Station as a thematic frame for teaching a wide variety of topics that are part of European curricula.

The A4-sized binder contains four chapters devoted to explaining various aspects of life in space...


In this set of activities, students will learn about the different components of plants. They will learn which parts of well-known plants are edible and learn the difference between a vegetable, a fruit and a seed. The students will have to imagine and draw the plant associated with the fruit/vegetable/ seed they...

Astro Crops - Growing plants for future space missions

In this Space mission themed activity, pupils will observe how seeds grow into mature plants by tracking the development of three unknown seeds. Pupils will also learn to make scientific observations and record data to track the growth of these plants over time before being given the opportunity to interpret and...