RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch - 8th January to 19th February 2024

This very successful citizen science project is run annually by the RSPB. It is an ideal opportunity for pupils of all ages to identify different bird species and count the numbers they see in the school grounds. Details about the competition and the RSPB supporting materials can be found here.  

This collection brings together resources which can be used to help identify birds. In addition, there are other resources which can be used to extend the topic of birds into other parts of the curriculum. There are activities covering classification, evolution, adaptation, use of materials, and some mathematics resources more appropriate for secondary aged students which can show how the data received by the RSPB can be analysed, and the use of scatter diagrams.



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This collection supports learning about the identification of birds, aspects of literacy, mathematics and design and technology. Created to support the Big Schools’ Birdwatch, the activities may also be used independent of the larger survey at other times of the year.

The resources have been provided by the...

Birds spotter sheets *suitable for home learning*

This series of spotter sheets are useful when identifying living things in their habitats at different times of the year. They contain sheets for different species and types of bird and birds found in different habitats. The...

Birds' Nests: Marvels of Architecture and Design

This resource pack, aimed at primary learners, links to the topic areas of properties of materials, adaptation and life processes by looking at birds and the nests they build.

An introductory presentation looks at the reasons why birds build nests, different types of nests, where they are found and the...

Birmingham: the big bird watch

In this activity, children develop field skills in animal identification and compare extinct animals with their living descendants. They take part in a 20 minute birdwatching survey in their school grounds, identifying and recording different birds that they see. They consider the characteristics of all birds, then...