Christmas - Secondary resources

This collection includes a wide range of resources to bring the Christmas theme into Science, Maths, Computing, and design and technology lessons.  Activities include:

  • deciding which planet Santa might live on
  • a coding lesson for lights on a Christmas tree,
  • making a Rudolph the red nosed reindeer decoration which lights up
  • calculations involved in planning a Christmas party or finding out the cost of Christmas.



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Christmas list

This activity links to aspects of mathematics and citizenship by calculating the cost of a family Christmas list and how decisions might need to be taken to reduce expenditure. Children are asked to imagine that they are a parent with three children and they have to work out what they are going to get them from...

Snowman challenge

In this Core Maths resource students are given the open-ended task of designing a snowman. Students are given some basic information about the density of different types of snow and some relevant formulae, and are asked to design a ‘life-sized’ snowman and give a full mathematical description of it.


Christmas tree

An ideal plan for a Christmas themed coding lesson! This plan involves a Christmas tree that has sparkles lighting up as the baubles, but it is also possible to use other Christmas-related ideas (for example Christmas cards) that have the same code.

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