This collection includes a set of resources which use the context of trees to help teach areas of mathematics and science.  They include:

  • Using counting trees as an example of how to estimate populations
  • articles from the popular Catalyst magazine about horse chestnut trees
  • a Crest award project which can be carried out over several hours
  • videos explaining the physics of how trees move water upwards and gain mass
  • a closer look at careers working with trees.



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The Birmingham Institute for Forest Research (BIFoR) is home to the BIFoR F...

Counting Trees

In this assessment task from Bowland, students are provided with a page containing circles and triangles which represent different trees in a wood. Students are tasked with estimating how many of the different types of trees there are and then required to simplify a complex situation and choose an appropriate...

Can we save our horse chestnut trees?

This article investigates the reasons behind extensive early browning of the horse chestnut trees.

This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2016, Volume 26, Issue 3.


The most amazing thing about trees

This video applies physics to explain how trees can move water up their trunks over 10m, which is the natural limit of sucked water. The ideas of transpiration, osmotic pressure and capillary attraction are considered.  The explanation shows how a negative pressure is be obtained from the intermolecular forces and...