Roald Dahl Day - 13th September

Roald Dahl wrote many books for children so we have selected a few resources from our collection to highlight some of the famous stories.  Activities suitable for 'The Witches' could include 'Identifying food from its smell' for primary aged children and 'Is there witchcraft and wizardry in the real world?' for secondary pupils. Meanwhile primary aged pupils could investigate the temperature that chocolate melts at as a link to 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' or look at turtle life cycles as an activity to cover 'Esio Trot'. 



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Turtle Life Cycle

This resource produced by ARKive supports the teaching of life-cycles at key stage two. It looks at mammals, amphibians, reptiles and plants and finds similarities between the life cycles of animals and plants within each group, as well as some of the similarities and differences between these groups. There is a...

At what temperature does chocolate melt?

This resource provides a set of videos and a practical investigation aimed at supporting experimental science in the classroom and relating it to real world experiences. In the first video Professor Brian Cox joins a teacher to find out how to set up and run an investigation to find out the time it takes for...

What Does the Fox Say?

This activity uses a humorous video to raise a serious question: can science tell us what animals are saying, and interpret their emotions? The Bow-lingual dog translator claims to detect animal emotions by analysing bark sounds waves. Students use research evidence to decide whether the device does what it claims...

Is there witchcraft and wizardry in the real world?

You may think that magic and spells only exist in your favourite books and movies. But can we make magic in the real world? This resource investigates how you can use science to make things change colour and state, or even disappear.

The activities are introduced with a quick objective and a preparation...