KS3 Data Representation

This is a series of four, 30 to 60 minute, sessions that will go through the basics of binary numbers, bitmap images and compression.

Session contain:

• Step by step instructions.

• A presentation or document to follow.

• A worksheets that can by typed into or printed and written on.

• Answers/solutions for you to check your answers and correct any errors.

Extension tasks are there to stretch you should you want to find out more on a given topic.



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Session 1: Count the Dots Binary Numbers

In this session you will look at what a binary numbers. Understanding how numbers are made in binary will help you access the next session on images. Steps 1 to 9 explains the activity to be done which is to fill in a table making binary numbers (Worksheet). The extension does not need to be done to understand the...

Session 2: Bitmap Images

In this session you will look at how images are made on computers using picture elements or, more commonly known as, pixels. If you have access to a computer you can follow the computer based activity. If you do not then you can follow the unplugged activity. Either way you will begin a journey into understanding...

Session 3: Saving Bitmaps

In this session you will look at image resolution and how to work out the size of a file. In real life the digital images we take are ever increasing in size. This session will help understand how the size of an image is calculated and also what an image actually looks like to a computer.

Session 4: Compression

In this session you will look at compressing files to reduce their size. You will see how both types of compression work and consider when they would be used.