European Space Agency Resources – Primary (Teach with space)

The European Space Agency have provided a range of purposeful and engaging activities to support learners across the Primary stage. These activities cover the Science, Maths, Design Technology, Computing and Topic curriculums through activities linked to life on Earth, our atmosphere and solar system and some even further afield.





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Astro Crops - Growing plants for future space missions

In this Space mission themed activity, pupils will observe how seeds grow into mature plants by tracking the development of three unknown seeds. Pupils will also learn to make scientific observations and record data to track the growth of these plants over time before being given the opportunity to interpret and...

Astronaut logbook

This astronaut logbook introduces pupils to a typical week in the life of an astronaut. It enables pupils to compare an astronaut's diet, exercise, hobbies and clothing with their own. The logbook takes the form of a work book which pupils have to complete whilst learning about the International Space Station and...


In this set of activities, students will learn about the different components of plants. They will learn which parts of well-known plants are edible and learn the difference between a vegetable, a fruit and a seed. The students will have to imagine and draw the plant associated with the fruit/vegetable/ seed they...

Astrofarmer - Learning about the conditions for plant growth

In this set of six activities, pupils will investigate which factors affect plant growth, and relate these factors to growing plants in space. They will learn that plants need air, light, water, nutrients and a stable temperature to grow. Children will also observe what happens to plants when they vary some of...