EURING promotes international collaboration on all aspects of scientific bird ringing, particularly in Europe and along the Eurasian African flyway. These sharable data sets can be used across the curriculum to develop data science skills.



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This resource includes data on blackbirds caught and ringed in a single garden in the UK across a period of several years. It includes interesting background information on the migratory habits of these birds, and the characteristics of European and ‘British’ resident birds.

The data, which is a rich source...


Data on magpies has been collected for more than 100 years – this data set, collected across Europe, brings this historical data into one convenient file.

The resource includes relevant information relating to the measurement of magpies, alive or dead, as well as migration patterns and distribution across...


This rich data set includes several species of slugs, and can be used to investigate their distribution across the UK. The data has been collected over a period of several years, and includes the maturity of each slug and its location.

The data is biased in terms of the date and locations for sampling – a...