Environmental management and agriculture

This set of resources was originally developed for post 16 applied science specifications and include practical activities and study sheets. Resources include:

  • Ecology and Simpsons Diversity Index 
  • Estimating environmental damage in freshwater 
  • Waste disposal, recycling and land reclamation 



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Distribution and abundance of species

This is a modelling activity where students use sampling techniques to determine the distribution and abundance of organisms in a simulated habitat. Students will simulate the mark–release–recapture technique (Lincoln Index) for estimating population sizes of mobile species. 

Curriculum links include: ...

Ecology and Simpsons Diversity Index

These activities allow students to model how environmental scientists compare diversity in different ecosystems by using ordinary playing cards as ‘species’ to generate data to calculate Simpson’s Diversity Index. This can be completed in a single lesson. Some students find the concept of species diversity quite...

Estimating environmental damage in freshwater

Students compare the water quality at different points in a stream or river using the standard procedure for finding the Trent Biotic Index score for samples of freshwater invertebrates.  The test was developed by the Trent River authority to detect water pollution. It allows comparisons of water quality to be made...

Waste disposal, recycling and land reclamation

 Students are asked to research some of the activities of the local authorities in Somerset and relate them to national issues associated with waste disposal, environmental damage, recycling and conservation.   The activity is intended to be undertaken in small groups which then report back to each other for a...