This collection of short interviews with scientists introduces contemporary science topics through conversation with some of the UK's leading researchers. 

Each of the videos is accompanied with a teachers' summary, plus student questions and answers.



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Coffee History and Survival

This 5-minute video interview with Dr Charlie Clutterbuck of Manchester Metropolitan University introduces students to the history and economics of coffee and the impact of a plant pathogen on coffee production.

How long will your morning coffee be...

Computer Modelling, Ecology and Climate Change

In this 5-minute video interview, Dr Drew Purves, Head of the Computational Ecology and Environmental Science Group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK, discusses how his research can help us predict the effects of climate change on natural ecosystems,...

Genetics, Genomics and Food Security

This 5-minute video interview with Dr Cristobal Uauy of the John Innes Centre introduces post-16 students to contemporary genomics and food security.

Dr Cristobal Uauy is passionate about helping the world’s...

GFP and Reporter Proteins

This video interview with Professor John Christie of the University of Glasgow, introduces students to fluorescent reporter proteins and their importance to our understanding of cell biology.

GFP – the protein that allows jellyfish to glow their...