STEM Learning Magazine: Post-16 and FE

As teachers of STEM subjects, the National STEM Learning Centre and Network is here to help teachers inspire, excite and engage students.

Published termly, the STEM Learning magazines bring together engaging, useful information, ideas and resources into three tailored editions (primary, secondary and post-16 and FE) to help make it easier for you to find the support you need. Whether it be identifying resources for those tricky bits of STEM, highlighting professional development opportunities (including Impact Awards and ENTHUSE bursaries), providing inspiration on how to bring STEM careers to life, or simply providing you with different perspectives on these exciting, dynamic areas which never stand still.

Also included in each issue of the STEM Learning magazine are full listings of continued professional development activities with the National STEM Learning Centre and Network.



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STEM Learning: Further Education - Autumn 2015

The Post-16 and FE STEM Learning Autumn magazine is a very interesting read. It takes you inside the Swiss time machine for a behind the scenes look at CERN as well as taking you through the battle between further education vs the machine.


STEM Learning Magazine: Post-16 and FE - Spring 2016

Under the banner of Building a successful network, Dr Katherine Forsey and Sue Churm consider how to create a technical network and how to get the most from it, Jenny Phillips explores the challenges FE practitioners face and Ed Walsh explains what the teacher recognition scheme...

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