This collection of resources is produced by the Core Maths Support Programme to support the implementation of Core Maths. The collection contains a range of activities all designed to enable students to use and apply statistics in unfamiliar contexts.


Stroop effect

This Core Maths task introduces the Stroop Effect. Students are asked to design and conduct an experiment to test the effect.

Stroop Effect: Front Sheet
This teacher guidance gives an overview of the task including prior student knowledge, suggested approaches and possible extensions....

Height and speed

This statistical investigation is based on the question: ‘Does the height of a tennis player affect the top speed of their service?’

Students need to decide what information is needed and how this can be obtained. Internet access is essential. This task involves data collection, scatter graphs, lines of best...

Who has the best results?

This Core Maths task explores how standardised scores can be used to make comparisons.

The materials include a list of pupils and their marks in different subjects. They also contain the mean and standard deviation scores for each subject. By standardising the scores the students can then find the mean of...

Assessment one: basic skills - rates of pay

This Core Maths resource assesses students’ understanding of statistical ideas including data classification, sampling techniques and the calculation and interpretation of the mean and inter-quartile range. The given data allows students to compare the rates of pay of men and women. 

There are...


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