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This collection contains ten resources each containing an engaging activity for mathematics students. Mathematical topics covered include fractions, algebra, area and perimeter, problem solving, factorising quadratics, times tables and brackets.



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Adding and Subtracting Fractions

This resource features a selection of questions requiring students to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers.

The questions are split into three sections: must, should and could. Students are directed to complete the first question in each row. Students then decide whether they are confident enough to...

Algebra Magic Square

Students are presented with a 3 by 3 grid and a series of cards each containing an algebraic statement. Students are required to place the cards on the grid in such a fashion that each row, each column and each diagonal add to give the magic 'number' of 12a + 15b.

Students are then challenged to make up...

Area and Perimeter

This matching exercise consists of six shapes, six perimeters and six areas . The shapes are an isosceles triangle, a square, a compound shapes made from two rectangles and compound shapes made from a rectangle and a triangle. Dimensions are provided on the diagrams of the shapes, however, in some cases extra...

Brick Wall Problems

Students are presented with increasingly challenging algebra problems to solve. Each wall consist of three bricks in the lower row, two bricks in the middle row and one brick on the top row. Students complete the wall by adding two algebraic terms to find the term which sits in the brick above. However, in most...


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