World Environment Day - 5th June

This is a collection of resources to help bring World Environment Day into the classroom. There are primary and secondary resources, relevant to a range of subjects.




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OPAL Surveys

This collection consists of six field work investigations which relate to the curriculum areas habitats, interdependence and adaptation and the environment. Each survey includes a workbook, field guide and identification guide where appropriate.

The surveys are:
* Bugs Count - what bugs are living...

A career in landscapes, habitats and species conservation

Career opportunities extend across urban, rural, coastal and marine environments. They range from practical work and surveying to scientific research, consultancy, planning, property management and campaigning. 

Climate Change and Glaciers

This collection of resources consists of a set of lessons through which Key Stage Three students investigate the impacts of climate change on glaciers. The learning objectives are:

  • To understand the definition of a glacier
  • To understand what glacier mass balance means (what inputs mass and...

Sustainable Stories And Solutions For Our Planet

This resource contains practical and discussion activities which link to many areas of the science curriculum including materials and their properties, balanced diets, many aspects of working scientifically and sustainability.

Activities include:

Which metal? - investigate the...