World Environment Day - 5th June

This is a collection of resources to help bring World Environment Day into the classroom. There are primary and secondary resources, relevant to a range of subjects.




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Plastic from Milk

Produced by Solar Spark, this activity allows students to make their own plastic from vinegar and milk. Milk contains casein in a form that is soluble in water. Making the milk acidic by adding vinegar makes the casein insoluble so the milk separates into a solid and a liquid known as curds and whey. Removing the...

The Build the Change initiative from LEGO Group’s Sustainability team is designed to help children express their hopes and dreams for the future with LEGO® bricks and other creative materials, plus their own imagination, via learning...

Save our home!

What is the common link between chocolate biscuits and orangutans? In this activity aimed at ages 8-9, children learn about rainforests, their location, structure and some of the animals and plants that live in them. They look at rainforests in Sumatra and how deforestation has occurred in order to grow oil palm...

This collection offers a cross curricular approach to diet, sustainable food production and how human activity impacts upon our environment. It may be used as a workshop or as individual activities. The approaches used will enable students to come to decisions regarding their diet based on many factors including...