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What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and how can it help firefighting in the future?

These activities explore how design can improve the equipment that fire fighters use, improving safety for both the general public and the fire fighters themselves.

The single-lesson one-hour activity requires no previous experience of the Internet of things and comes with the introductory material to explore the topic with the class. The extended five-hour activity supports students to explore prototyping their own product, using their own research of fire fighting equipment to develop Internet of Things design ideas and prototypes. 

Students can use the 5 hour problem solving challenge to works towards a CREST Discovery award, funded by Cisco.




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Fighting fires with the internet of things: Design and technology one hour activity

This one-hour lesson introduces the Internet of Things to students, through the context of fire fighting.

Students explore the user needs of a modern firefighter and how different Internet of Things technologies could improve their...

Problem solving challenge: using design and the Internet of Things to improve fire fighter safety

This five hour teaching pack supports students to research, design and prototype their own Internet of things product to enhance the working lives of firefighters.


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