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The IoT is already impacting on fire safety in areas such as fire prevention, detection and suppression, and firefighter safety. Connectivity of devices allows for integration into other smart systems too, utilities management the potential for saving lives is huge.

Students can use the 5 hour problem solving challenge to works towards a CREST Discovery award, funded by Cisco.




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Introduction to sensing fire with the Internet of Things

This one hour activity demonstrates how bimetallic strips work in smoke alarms.   Using the context of the Internet of Things and fire safety, students design, make, test and refine a sensor to detect heat and produce an electrical output that could be used to switch on a fire alarm.  This resource provides a...

Problem solving challenge: Can the internet improve fire safety

In this  extended five hour communities and fire safety challenge, students work in small groups, to design, make, test and evaluate an electronic system to provide early warning in the event of a fire breaking out. They...