Little big futures Mathematics

This collection of mathematics teaching materials are designed to help students discover how the Internet of Things (IoT) can connect the everyday objects around us, while exploring a number of mathematical concepts.

Single-lesson one-hour activities, as well as more extended five-hour activities, are available. No previous knowledge of IoT is required, and no additional equipment is needed.

Students can use the 5 hour problem solving challenge to works towards a CREST Discovery award, funded by Cisco.




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Introduction to fire detection with the Internet of Things

Within this one hour resource, students play the role of fire safety employees whose task is to find the most efficient placement for detectors. Students are given constraints within which they should work and a series of problems to solve leading to an algebraic solution to the problem.

The activity is...

Problem solving challenge: Fire detection with the Internet of Things

In this 5 hour Mathematics teaching pack, students are asked to consider how the internet of things can connect the previously unconnected, and how this can be used in fire detection systems.

Students are asked to work towards a CREST Discovery Award by designing a connected fire detection system in teams...