Exercises and Practice

Exercises and Practice contains nine resources. Each resource contains a number of activities for use in the classroom designed to provide students with practice of a variety of mathematical skills. The topics covered are arithmetic, coordinates, mensuration, rectangles and pyramids, circles, trigonometry and the use of flow diagrams.



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Arithmetic Practice

This resource contains eight activities for use in the classroom.

Self descriptive numbers: 'Four' is a self descriptive number as the word four contains 4 letters. This is the only number for which this is the case. However if 22 is represented as 17+1+4 then this written in words takes 22...


This resource contains six activities for use in the classroom when exploring the properties of circles.

The Circle: Contains a variety of questions requiring students to calculate the circumference and the area of circles. Given values for the diameter or radius of the circle. The second...


This resource contains three activities designed to provide students with practise of working with coordinates in the first quadrant and in all four quadrants.


Flow Diagrams

This resource consists of a number of flow diagrams providing the steps required to calculate values of different properties of a variety of shapes and solids given differing starting points. Covered are square, circle, cube, sphere, cone, pyramid, sector of a circle, cylinder, rectangle. There is also a flow...