Teaching Resources on Line (TRoL)

This collection of materials were all produced by Frank Tapson for use in the mathematics classroom. The collection consists of two sub collections.

Exercises and Practice contains nine resources, each resource containing a number of activities which can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom to provide students the opportunity to practise a number of different mathematical skills.

Mathematical Activities contains ten resources each designed to explore a range of mathematical topics, concepts and skills using a variety of different contexts. The Teaching Resources on Line website contains further resource material such as number lines, number squares which could be of use when using these resources.



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Exercises and Practice contains nine resources. Each resource contains a number of activities for use in the classroom designed to provide students with practice of a variety of mathematical skills. The topics covered are arithmetic, coordinates, mensuration, rectangles and pyramids, circles, trigonometry and...

Mathematical Activities contains ten resources exploring a range of mathematical topics in a variety of contexts. Counting problems are explored, mathematics derived from the dartboard, dominoes, pentominoes and tangrams and useful examples useful for practise and understanding such as variations on the game of...