Read first-hand accounts from schools already experienced in teaching Core Maths in the Case Studies and view Core Maths Endorsements from Universities, Employers and the Core Maths Support Programme team below.


Core Maths: Student case studies

David, Paul, Amir and Katy were among the very first students to sit the new Core Maths examinations.  The case study is based on individual interviews carried out with the 4 students from different centres in England, who each completed the Core Maths course in June 2016.

It is hoped that this case study...

Core Maths Lead case study

Find out how the role of a Core Maths Lead (CML) supports developments in Core Maths.

CML Christine Thompson shares her experience of expanding her local school cluster, how she works with other schools and colleges, the challenges of her role and advice for others.

Further Education colleges

In this Core Maths case study, three FE Colleges were interviewed about their experiences of setting up and delivering Core Maths- both the successes and challenges. Some of the challenges will be familiar to all centres, not just FE Colleges.

The resources includes further generic issues relating to...

Delivering Core Maths to the majority

Many 'early-adopter' centres around the country were able to achieve the delivery of Core Maths ‘at scale’ quite early on. Delivering the course at scale means that fifty percent or more of the eligible cohort of students (all those who have a GCSE Grade C or above) are studying Core Maths in the year group. 



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