Developed for use in Early Years, these resources link to aspects of physical development, understanding the world and communicating ideas, they also aid vocabulary development and group work. The activities encourage children to try new foods and use their senses to describe them. They also look at hygiene and safety in food preparation and help children become familiar with some of the equipment used in a kitchen.

These resources have been provided by the British Nutrition Foundation in partnership with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).



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This activity supports children to willingly taste new foods, to understand that they may have to try foods multiple times to decide whether they like them and to understand the importance of a balanced diet. This session contains an ingredient check letter to send home to parents in advance of the session, a...


From the British Nutrition Foundation, in partnership with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB...


This activity supports children learn new vocabulary linked to cooking. Children use their listening and attention skills to name a range of kitchen equipment and explain how different objects are used when cooking.



This activity  supports children to make a simple dish using basic food preparation and hygiene skills and to explain the skills and ingredients they use to prepare a recipe. Although this resource is designed for EYFS, it could easily be adapted to work across the primary phase.


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