The Institution of Mechanical Engineers

As well as its role as a professional body, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers focuses on educational activities and policies aimed at inspiring, preparing and supporting tomorrow’s engineers to respond to society’s challenges.

The resources in this collection highlight a range of careers and illustrate the many aspects of mechanical engineering, from sports research to designing low-carbon buildings. The films are suitable to be shown in the classroom and are designed to inspire students to study engineering.


Engineer profile- Alice Younge, Medicine & Health

This inspirational film features Alice Younge, a 25 year old mechanical engineer studying a PhD in Medical Engineering at Imperial College London. Specifically, Alice is conducting research into hip replacement therapies, finding out how to improve the quality of the hip implants that so many people rely on, and to...

Aviation engineer profile: Ben Truman

In this film, from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Ben Truman explains his passion for aviation and engineering. After completing his degree in mechanical engineering he became a design engineer for Goodrich...

Engineer profile- Joanna Gleeson, Maintenance Engineer

In this film, from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Joanna Gleeson describes her job as a maintenance engineer for Corus, Europe’s second largest steel maker. There are three main processes involved in making steel: coke making, ironmaking and steelmaking. Each of these processes generates waste gases which...

Engineer profile- Steven Chan, Project Engineer for Tube Lines

In this film, from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Steven Chan describes his job as an engineer for Tube Lines, a company responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of some of the London Underground lines. Steven explains how they are keeping the underground system cool.

The film shows how...


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