Mathsticks resources aim to make maths meaningful and have been trialled, adapted, tested and retested with children in the classroom. They are based on the need for children to be fully involved in their learning; to have fun, and to enjoy and achieve while developing their mathematical skills. The resources are the result of practical experience, research and the firm belief that effective mathematical learning is best achieved through: • The use and application of mathematics. • High quality talk within mathematics. • Purposeful and effective group work. • Clear and meaningful use of oral and mental work.



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Coin Recognition

This resource focuses on developing coin recognition skills in either a bingo game or a collecting, sorting and matching activity. As a Bingo game, each child should have a board and the group also need a selection of coins in a bag. Children take it in turns to select a coin at random from the bag, covering a...

Rocket Game

This space themed maths game provides an opportunity for children to practice working with number bonds to 10. It can be played either as a board game in pairs or used within an interactive whiteboard page.

To play the game the 10 number cards are shuffled and placed face-down near the board. Players take it...

Gas Meter

This maths activity offers a 'real life' context for learning about place value. A series of clues are provided which lead to specific numbers. These numbers represent meter readings and part of the challenge is for the children to accurately enter the numbers onto an analogue and a digital recording sheets. To...

Place Value

This whole class game allows children to practise reading three digit numbers and recognizing 'place value'. The game follows the familiar "I have... Who has?" around the class format where children read a statement about their number and ask a ‘who has’ question....