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Rocket Game

This space themed maths game provides an opportunity for children to practice working with number bonds to 10. It can be played either as a board game in pairs or used within an interactive whiteboard page.

To play the game the 10 number cards are shuffled and placed face-down near the board. Players take it in turns to take a number card and then find the first complementary number on the track. For example, if they turn over a 3 they move to the first 7 (3+7=10) on the track; if they turn over a 10 they move to the first zero (10+0=10). The game continues until one player reaches Earth at the top of the board.

The game can be adapted by using dice instead of the number cards, or by moving the counter to the nearest correct number either forward or backward. Provided by mathsticks, the resource includes the Rocket Game Board and a set of 0-10 number cards.

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