Mathsticks resources aim to make maths meaningful and have been trialled, adapted, tested and retested with children in the classroom. They are based on the need for children to be fully involved in their learning; to have fun, and to enjoy and achieve while developing their mathematical skills. The resources are the result of practical experience, research and the firm belief that effective mathematical learning is best achieved through: • The use and application of mathematics. • High quality talk within mathematics. • Purposeful and effective group work. • Clear and meaningful use of oral and mental work.



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Shape Match

This game, aimed at primary level involves recognising and matching 2D shapes. The game consists of a track with a 'shopping list' of shapes for each player. Players start in the bottom left-hand corner and move a single counter around the board. The idea is that children take it in turns to roll a dice and move...

Shape Taboo

This game based on the game of 'Taboo' helps children to learn shape vocabulary. Suitable for primary level, children work in twos, with a reader describing a word without using any of the 'Taboo words on their card. The guesser then has to identify the correct vocabulary word on the card from their partner’s...

Simple Protractors

This activity teaches children how to use a protractor. It includes three protractors that are used to progressively build up to a 'real' one. The protractors are designed to be printed onto acetates and cut out to build up a full protractor showing all the divisions.

Provided by mathsicks, the resource...

Multi-Race Game

This game, aimed at primary level, allows children to practice multiplication problems. Children move along a track landing on different numbers, mainly from the 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables. To move they must say the pair of numbers (factors) which will multiply together to give a nearby product on the board. The...