STEM Ambassador careers collection

A collection of careers resources aimed specifically at helping STEM Ambassadors highlight the skills and training needs of their career specialism.



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Careers in Operational Research (O.R.)

These videos, produced by the O.R Society, aim to explain what Operational Research (O.R.) is through a wide range of case studies and can be...

STEM Ambassador support: routes into engineering

This information bulletin, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, is aimed at teachers to help them encourage students into engineering careers. The bulletin provides three case studies about young engineers and also provides a selection of activities to engage students in thinking about engineering concepts and to...

The iCould careers collection provides invaluable insight into what is possible in work...

Polar Careers- AUV Operations Mechanical Engineer

Ella is an expert in the mechanical design and operation of the NOC's Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV's) She ensures new technology designed integrates on the AUV's and operates the AUV whilst at sea.

Ella read Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge, graduating with both Bachelors and Master's degrees. She...