Alfie's Story

Alfie, aged 14, was born with chronic granulomatous disorder (CGD), a rare blood condition that stops his immune system working properly; causing him repeated bouts of serious infection. He shares his personal journey through a bone marrow transplantation to cure him of this life-threatening condition. Keywords: genes, genetics, DNA, genetic disorder, chronic granulomatous disorder, bone marrow transplant Subject links: PSHE, Science, Biology Curriculum links – KS3: conception, growth, development, behaviour and health can be affected by diet, drugs and disease. Theses resources are from Genetic Disorders UK, which provides schools with a host of free resources for increasing awareness and understanding of genetic disorders.



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Alfie's Story

This video tells the story of 14 year old Alfie, who has a condition called chronic granulomatous disorder (CGD). This means he has a weakened immune system and is at increased risk of catching life-threatening infections. Alfie is offered a bone marrow transplant which will cure him of CGD. In this procedure,...

Detecting Danger

This comprehension activity, aimed at students aged 11-14, looks at the role of the immune system in protecting us from infectious disease, and how it recognises the difference between the body (‘self’) and invader. This worksheet is part of a collection of materials based on...

Investigating the Cause

Aimed at students aged 11-14, this worksheet explores the causes of different illnesses, focusing on the contribution that DNA makes. The questions explore the role of DNA in health and how genes play a role in causing single-gene disorders and multifactorial conditions. The resource is part of a collection of...

Pesky Pathogens

This hands-on activity, aimed at students aged 11-14, will help students to understand how pathogens can make you ill. After a short role play activity, students answer the questions on the worksheet. This worksheet is part of a collection of materials based on...