That's Chemistry! was developed by the Royal Society of Chemistry in partnership with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI). The book is a concise manual of ideas, activities and investigations about the science of materials and their properties, for teachers to use with primary age children. Each topic also includes suggestions on how children can access scientific ideas and methods via poetry and gives ideas on the use of ICT.

This resource is designed for both specialist and non-specialist primary teachers in the hope that they can engender interest and enthusiasm in the new generation of scientists.

* Investigations and scientific activities
* Organisation
* Differentiation
* Standard units
* Health and safety
* Tables, charts and graphs
* Acknowledgements
* Bibliography and teachers resources
* Concept cartoons on materials and their properties
* Partnership activities with industry
* Curriculum links on the website
* Using ICT to enhance teaching and learning

* Grouping and classifying materials on the basis of their simple properties
* The properties of materials and their everyday uses
* Thermal insulation and conduction and electrical insulation and conduction
* Rocks and soils
* Solids, liquids and gases
* Mixing and dissolving materials
* Heating and cooling materials
* Burning
* Irreversible changes - chemical reactions
* The water cycle - evaporation and condensation
* Separating mixtures


Introduction to That's Chemistry

Produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry, this resource provides an introduction to using the activities in the collection That's Chemistry!...

That's chemistry! A resource for primary school teachers about materials and their properties

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Irreversible Changes

Produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry, this resource aimed at primary level, provides activity ideas, key vocabulary and background knowledge about irreversible changes. Activities explore irreversible reactions which result in a new material which may be useful, such as making plastic with milk and vinegar...


This resource from the Royal Society of Chemistry is aimed at Key Stage Two and links to the topic area of properties and changes of materials.  Focusing on burning and irreversible change it also aims to develop investigative skills. The resource contains ideas for activities and investigations,...


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