This collection holds a variety of reports about education issues in general, rather than about specific subjects. They include reports which discuss the development and importance of vocational courses, progression from Key Stage Four to A Level and continuing professional development for teachers and technicians.

These resources are part of the main collection of Educational research in STEM subjects


Curriculum and Assessment in Scotland: National Guidelines

Published in 1991 by the Scottish Office Education Department, the Assessment 5-14 guidance provided a basis for effective, coherent and manageable assessment of students' achievements in relation to standards of attainment set out in the 5-14 curriculum guidelines. Covering planning, teaching, recording of...

National Curriculum: from Policy to Practice

This booklet was written to provide a guide to the National Curriculum for students in compulsory education, those aged five to sixteen. Published in 1989, it examines the legal requirements of the curriculum in the light of the Education Reform Act (ERA) of 1988. Chapters aim: • to show how the ERA requirements...

The Practical Curriculum

This Schools Council working paper, from 1981, looks at curriculum balance and content and issues of curriculum planning. Written before the introduction of the National Curriculum, the paper argues for a visible structure for the school curriculum, explaining why it is needed, suggesting measures for planning and...

Relative difficulty of examinations in different subjects

Published in July 2008 by Durham University, this report reviews the evidence on whether examinations in some subjects can legitimately be described as ‘harder’ than those in other subjects. In particular, whether STEM subjects (those that form a foundation for further study in science, technology, engineering and...


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