Lesson Starter Movies *suitable for home teaching*

These videos are excerpts from the We Are Aliens! planetarium show. They provide good starter activities for looking at life within our universe. They explore life within our solar system and the Earth and other planets that may contain life. The exoplanets videos go on to look at the possibilities of life outside our solar system.



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Are We Alone?

It really is a small worldWe live in a global network of diverse communities, sharing resources, ideas and technology. As a species, we have always looked to the sky and asked ‘are we alone?’

A sample of oneSo...

Life in Our Solar System

Life in the extremesMicrobes can survive in the most hostile and inhospitable environments. Might similar places in our solar system be able to support them too?

Why are scientists interested in Mars?Why are...


Finding exoplanetsExoplanets are planets outside our own solar system. Find out how scientists use ingenious methods to spot them.

Goldilocks zoneFinding the right conditions to support life is a delicate...

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