Nature Reinvented *suitable for home teaching*

The development of new materials with incredible properties is changing the way we live. From LCD TVs to super light airliners, these materials have quickly found their way into the modern technology around us. One area where modern materials have made a huge impact is in the development of prosthetic devices.

Some of these devices are beginning to outperform ‘natural’ body parts. The resources in this collection encourage students to investigate the properties of smart materials and carry out some data manipulation.

Students will also explore the possible moral and ethical issues associated with people potentially choosing to replace healthy body parts with artificial prostheses because they offer higher performance.



Nature Reinvented

This video from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) looks at how bioengineers are developing new treatments for torn ligaments. Tissue engineering involves taking the patient's own cells and growing them on a synthetic scaffold before reintroducing...

Prosthetic Design

This inspirational video highlights careers in biomedical engineering. Until recently, bone cancer patients would have had a limb amputated, but today prosthetic surgery can remove the tumour section and replace it with individually engineered implants made from a...


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