Spooky Space: Creative Teaching of Space

Spooky Space contains activities, teaching materials and examples of students’ work for teaching space at primary level within science lessons and as a stimulus for enriching the teaching of other curriculum areas. This collection is comprised of material developed by Pete Edwards, Durham University, in partnership with Rosemary Feasey, Science Learning Centre North East, and primary school teachers in the North East of England. The project was funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.



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The Games and Activities sub-collection contains two resources with activities including modelling a lunar landscape using light and shadow and ordering things in space sequentially.

The Material from North East Schools sub-collection contains material produced by primary school teachers in the North East of England who were part of a primary science focus group based at the Science Learning Centre North East and led by Rosemary Feasey. This group inspired and guided the development of the...

The Space Presentations sub-collection contains three PowerPoint presentations covering various aspects of space. Each presentation has associated video files which are embedded in the presentations. The teachers' notes contains detailed notes describing the contents of each of the presentations. The presentations...

Spooky Space Sounds

Spooky Space Sounds contains a PowerPoint presentation which showcases sounds from space. The presentation aims to introduce general concepts and give a sense of how dynamic the Universe is. The resource also contains a Word document of teachers' notes with detailed descriptions and background information on each...


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