This collection of STEM education reports explores mathematics education Post 16. The reports include:

  • Post-16 Mathematics by the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME), which responds to Michael Gove’s speech at the Royal Society in June 2011.
  • Understanding the UK Mathematics Curriculum Pre-Higher Education by Mathematics in Education and Industry, which offers an overview of pre-university qualifications and describes major developments in mathematics.
  • Towards Universal Participation in Post-16 Mathematics: Lessons from High-performing Countries from the Nuffield Foundation, which is a follow-up to the report 'Is the UK an outlier?'.
  • Mathematics Learning, Identity and Educational Practice: the Transition into Post-compulsory Education from The University of Manchester contains quotes from students and teachers about their experiences of working with the GCSE mathematics curriculum.



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Post-16 in 2016

A report produced by the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME), published in July 2010, discussing the proposals for 16-19 mathematics in anticipation of the review of qualifications scheduled for 2013 with resulting changes to be implemented from 2016.

The report proposes that:
• Three...

ACME Position Statement on Qualifications in Mathematics at Level 3 from 2011

Produced on behalf of the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME) in 2009 by Roger Porkess, this is a position statement on Qualifications in Mathematics at Level 3 from 2011.

The report outlines twelve recommendations on the scope and format of assessment of mathematics at level 3 available to...

Mathematics Within A Level Science 2010 Examinations

A report by Science Community Representing Education (SCORE) designed to address the growing concern across the science community about the use of mathematical assessments in science qualifications.

SCORE’s overall objective for this project was to gather evidence on the type, extent and difficulty of...

Preparing for the Transfer from School and College Science and Mathematics Education to UK STEM Higher Education

The fourth and final Royal Society ‘state of the nation’ report considers the ‘pool’ of the UK’s 16–19 year old students taking mainstream science and mathematics combinations suitable for entry to higher education. It makes three major points about these students.

• The size of this ‘pool’ is critical to...