Scheme of work example and template

This collection includes a series of themed activities and resources suitable for use in STEM clubs.  

In addition, it includes an example of a STEM club scheme of work from Dagenham Park School, as well as a template suitable for use when planning activities for your own STEM club.


Plastic challenge

This resource contains a series of lessons which are designed to extend students’ knowledge and understanding of plastics and plastic waste on a global scale. Linking to materials and their properties, the environment, recycling and design and technology, they contain investigations and activities aimed at both...

Space week STEM club package

These space-themed resources involve a range of activities suitable for STEM clubs, including:

  • a cut-out paper model of the ADM-Aeolus Earth observation satellite
  • a satellite design challenge from NASA
  • instructions for creating a Galaxy themed mobile
  • a how to guide for making...

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1) I invented THE DRIVEN SPINNING TOP that works like this :
Details are in the paper published in Physics Education , Uk.
2) GARDEN RAINBOW is a paper recently published (open access ) here is presented coherently the classical theory and an installation for producing a rainbow in very similar conditions as the natural ones. The investition is less than 200 USD and can be used years and installation can be used by more than 10 schools......

3) Recently I realized that the experiment of CARTESIAN DIVER can be realized with less than 1 USD. So every child could have one to experiment it at his/hers pleasure. I am doing this here in Romania as much as I can.......

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