Key Stage Three Materials

From the Chilled Food Association (CFA), these activities are aimed at Key Stage Three students and look at a range of topics that include:
* Common bacteria that cause food spoilage
* Reducing the risks of bacterial contamination
* Food hygiene
* Food and taste
* Developing a new food product
* Work in the chilled food sector

Primarily aimed at STEM ambassadors, these resources are also readily used by teachers in the classroom.


Fruit Juice (Key Stage Three)

In this activity students investigate the use of additives, such as citric acid and baking powder, in chilled drinks to inhibit microbial growth by increasing or decreasing the pH.

Microbes in Yoghurt

In this experiment students prepare a smear slide of yoghurt and observe Gram stained bacteria using a microscope. The lesson also looks at magnification and representing numbers in standard form.

Curriculum links include:

* Working Scientifically - Experimental Skills and Investigations: use...