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The Mathematics Matters case studies have been written to address the issue that contemporary mathematics research affects the daily lives of a very large number of people worldwide, yet most remain in almost total ignorance of this fact. The case studies aim to give examples of contemporary research and describe the mathematics, without resorting to technical detail but also without over-simplification. They can be used by teachers to guide their students or shared directly with students to influence their future choices and careers using mathematics.

In preparing this work, the IMA is grateful for financial support from the EPSRC, and the help of a number of experts who have helped in the preparation of these papers.



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Advancing the Digital Arts

A case study from Mathematics Matters which looks at how mathematics is applied in the animation industry. The computer animation industry relies on a steady stream of mathematics to produce the fantastic images found on our cinema and television screens. Advanced mathematics also fuels developments in other areas...

An Energy Evolution

This Mathematics Matters case study describes how mathematicians help to boost efficiency in the energy industry by mapping buried oil reserves. As oil supplies become harder and more expensive to reach, it’s essential that we maximise the yield from available reservoirs in any way possible. Mathematicians are...

Building the Digital Society

This Mathematics Matters case study looks at how mathematics converts digital data into useful information for business, the government and the public. Computers and networks stuffed with ever-increasing amounts of data are transforming our society, creating a digital world with its own rules and behaviours. We...

Danger: Rogue Waves

This Mathematics Matters case study, from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, looks at how mathematical models try to understand the causes of rogue waves. These huge waves appear without warning, towering high over ships and oil rigs. Traditional mathematical models could not predict the occurrence...


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