Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Published by BEAM, this collection provides a selection of resources for teachers of primary and lower secondary mathematics. Included are a number of challenging problems and puzzles, open-ended investigations, cross-curricular activities, and resources to practise and consolidate students' mathematical understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages from colouring halves to the introduction of ratios.



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Fraction Games for Students Aged 5-7

This game for two players, published by BEAM, requires students to halve even numbers by playing a game. Students spin a spinner, half the number and then collect the correct number of counters. The winner is the student with the most counters after five rounds. The game offers an opportunity to discuss the...

Fraction Activities for Students Aged 5-7

Published by BEAM, this activity allows students to demonstrate their understanding of a half of an object by colouring objects with two different colours in proportions that represent halves.

*Half and half - a worksheet requiring students to colour half of each of the pictures shown one colour, the other...

Fraction Games for Students Aged 7-9

A selection of games published by BEAM to help students practise and consolidate their mathematical understanding of fractions and decimal equivalents.

*Coloured shapes - colouring fractions of shapes according to a rule

*3 fractions in a line - strategy game, working out a fraction of a quantity...

Fraction Activities for Students Aged 9-11

A selection of resources published by BEAM, for teachers of primary mathematics. They include challenging problems, investigations and puzzles to practise and consolidate students' understanding of fractions. *Fraction patterns - drawing diagrams of equivalent fractions *Decimal jigsaw - ten by ten grid in the form...


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