STEM clubs mathematics resources

This collection contains a number of mathematics-related resources for use at STEM clubs.


The Royal Institution provide a selection of resources which offer opportunities for practical mathematical activities and investigation.

Calculating colours - explores the different ways in which proportion can be expressed

City walk- provides a natural context to...


These interactive investigations from Subtangent help to develop a systematic approach but require students to use their own recording methods. They can be used as a whole class introduction to an investigation or as individual tasks. There are additional resources with some of the investigations so that pupils can...

Bowland Maths includes over thirty tasks designed to help assess students’ achievements and progression against key processes. To help with this assessment, each task contains sample work, and a 'progression table' showing how students’ work on the task can provide evidence of their progress with the four key...

cre8ate maths

The cre8ate maths project was a CPD initiative for Yorkshire and Humberside teachers of mathematics. It features resources applying maths to key areas of the economy focusing on functional mathematics skills for Key Stage Three students. The project was developed by the Centre for Science Education and the...


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