Nuffield Advanced Physics: Course Guidance

Nuffield Advanced Physics publications included resources to help teachers and students with the course as a whole. Teachers and students needed support in their approach to the novel content, new apparatus, investigative teaching methods and innovative methods of assessment.



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Nuffield Advanced Physics: Teachers’ Handbook

The Nuffield Advanced Physics Teachers’ Handbook was intended to give teachers an overall view of the Physics course, to assist them in planning their work and in making provision for such things as apparatus, books, and methods of assessment. It also offered...

Nuffield Advanced Physics: Physics Apparatus Construction Drawings

The Nuffield Advanced Physics course introduced new practical work based on novel apparatus. Many of the recommended items of apparatus could be built in schools, with consequent substantial saving in cost. This book was published to provides enough information for a teacher working with a laboratory technician to...

Nuffield Advanced Physics: Teachers’ Guide to Supplementary Mathematics

This Guide was intended to assist teachers of the Nuffield Advanced Physics course who had students who were not studying a post-16 course in mathematics. The Guide was written in a sequence which followed the needs of the Nuffield Advanced Physics course. The methods...

Nuffield Advanced Physics: Students’ Laboratory Book

The authors of Nuffield Advanced Physics produced this book to give students support during their laboratory work. Part one of the book contained short notes on the use of some of the important equipment and apparatus which students would be using quite often in physics...