Improving Teaching and Learning in Engineering

The Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) have produced this series of resources to encourage practitioners to develop their skills and enhance their students' learning. There are a range of topics covered and these include:
* Talking about teaching and learning
* Managing group learning
* Listening to learners
* Assessment for learning
* Active learning
* Theory into practice
* Work projects
* Coaching
* Adapting resources
The materials include extensive practitioner guidance, video clips, session plans and learning resources.



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Active Learning

From the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS), this activity brings to life the process of doing a risk assessment. A video clip shows students actively engaged in observing, comparing, assessing and drawing conclusions from the data they generate. Almost without knowing it, they complete a risk...

Adapting Resources

Produced by the LSIS, this resource looks at how materials can be adapted to meet students' needs. It uses the example of a telecommunications activity to illustrate the point. A video shows how Mark, a teacher, was able to identify opportunities to further develop his own resources to support students doing work...

Assessment for Learning

Produced by LSIS, these materials offer examples of how Assessment for Learning can be built into teaching and learning sessions. They include a video which examines how a range of strategies can be used to assess students' understanding. There is a session plan which gives detailed guidance on how to set up and...


These materials, from the Learning and Skills Improvement service (LSIS), contain a video featuring two teachers from Tameside College, describing their coaching relationship and the benefits it brings. The video can be used as a stimulus for reflection on the application of coaching and the contribution coaching...


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