Spectrum maths

The Spectrum Maths series of books, aimed at primary and lower secondary level, were published to supplement the mathematics schemes that schools were already using. The series included books on investigations, data handling, games, algebra / shape and space, and number skills.

The series was defined in terms of three ability levels. Broadly defined, these levels were:

Starting (Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3)

More (Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5)

Go Further (Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7).

The books link activities contained within them to the attainment targets of using and applying, number, shape, space and measures, and data handling, National Curriculum levels were also assigned to the activities.

Each activity has comprehensive notes summarising the main content of the activity, the resources or equipment required and a section on possible extensions, with ideas for stimulating the able child.



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Starting Investigations

This is the first book in the series of investigations from Spectrum Maths. It was intended to be suitable for those students working at National Curriculum levels one to three. The forty student investigations in this book are non-sequential and focus mainly on the mathematical topics of addition, subtraction,...

Go Further with Investigations

The third book in the Investigations series from Spectrum Maths was aimed at students in the upper stages of primary schools who were working at levels three to six. Each of the forty investigations has a teachers’ page followed by the student sheet. The information for the teacher includes the National Curriculum...

Starting Algebra / Shape and Space

This introductory book in the Algebra / Shape and Space series from Spectrum Maths was primarily for those students working at National Curriculum levels one to three. It contains forty activities. Each activity is presented as a possible starting point for a lesson or series of lessons. Twenty focus on algebra and...

Go Further with Number Skills

This book by Dave Kirkby from Spectrum Maths is aimed at students in Years Five, Six and Seven. It contains forty student activities in the form of photocopy masters. There are also detailed teacher’s notes accompanying each activity and special papers in the form of photocopy masters to help students record their...


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