Action Research Projects

These research reports, published by LSIS, describe a wide range of projects that have been performed by providers of post-16 education and training. The research has been performed by practitioners in STEM subjects in diverse institutions.



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Collaboration in the Teaching of Mathematics and Numeracy

This action research report is published by LSIS. It describes a project undertaken by Middlesbrough College. The project set out to improve the teaching of mathematics and numeracy by non-specialists. It identified and disseminated good practice across the college.

Collaborative approaches to improving progression from GCSE to AS in science

Published in 2009 by LSIS, this report describes an action research project undertaken by Longley Park Sixth Form College. The research undertook a comparison of the different GCSE science specifications and an analysis of the January results for an AS chemistry unit to investigate the impact of GCSE qualifications...

Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) to Improve Deep Learning of Mathematics in Engineering

This report, published by LSIS, describes an action research project carried out by Newcastle College. The main aim of the research was to identify a new approach to teaching which would help engineering students in the learning of calculus. The cohort of students had no previous experience of calculus and the...

Developing and Supporting Literacy Skills Through Science

This report describes an action research project by Gateway College and is published by LSIS. The project supported BTEC Level 2 students as a pilot group to develop their literacy and language skills by integrating literacy into their science learning. This enhanced both student language competence and their...


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